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Looking at getting into Modeling?

Whether you are looking to get started in modeling as a career or looking to add a new fresh updated photo to your current modeling portfolio, no experience is necessary for Mr. Hustace to photograph you or your child.  Leave that to him.  He has 25 years experience as a photography expert. Mr. Hustace Exchanges His Talent For You or your Child’s Talent

We use models to constantly update our portfolio. Our regular clients (the one who pay us for our services) expect industry-leading portraits, so we're always trying out new photographic equipment, styles and lighting techniques to create the most flattering pictures imaginable and be ahead of our competition. In fact the newest camera Mr. Hustace is testing ROCKS!  We NEVER let our work get “stale”.  So it's a win-win deal. We get fun, fresh images for our portfolio and website, and our models get a free top-of-the-industry photo shoot. And not just a mini-shoot either - this is the kind of shoot you can create a knock-out portfolio from - if you want to. And if you don't want a problem.  You'll have a ton of great portraits to choose from for the free digital file to upload to the modeling agencies of your choice! We love getting calls from all the super-excited clients when our models get new jobs. 


Is There Really Such A Thing As Free? 

Yes - there is. In exchange for modeling for Mr. Hustace, we give our awesome models a free (’s really free) photo shoot PLUS you’ll get a free (’s really free) digital file (one per family) that is used for submitting “electronically” (very easy)  to the modeling agencies of your choice.  Keep in mind, that reputable agencies don’t charge you to submit your photograph.  We will offer as many suggestions for agencies as we have on file.  This means you don’t pay them any fees either!  You don’t even have to go to the agency.  The free digital file we provide for you is pre-sized to be “web ready” so it can also be used to upload to the agency’s website of your choice, and also your Facebook or MySpace pages too!  We give you a written copyright release for the unlimited use of the digital file!  Send it to as many agencies as you want! 

Leave Your Checkbook And Credit Cards Home!  They Are NOT Necessary!

You don’t need them for the free photo shoot and the one digital file we are giving you. However for modeling for us, we’ll happily give you a $100 studio credit towards any digital files put on a CD that you may want to share with agencies, family and friends by printing them on your own.  No purchase is EVER required with Mr. Hustace however. Read the testimonials from our clients if you don’t believe us. You’ll even get to view your digital files online for over 24 hours in the privacy of your own home to make your choices.  It’s that simple.  Of course Mr. Hustace works hard for you because he LOVES your referrals and our clients are treated like family.

What’s The Catch?

There is none.  You get a free session AND a free digital file (as explained above) for submitting electronically to modeling agencies. Think of this as a “screen test” to see if your child has what it takes to model.  Moms want us to photograph their children all week long but our available modeling appointment times (our paying clients have priority) are limited.  A  2 - 3 week wait to get in front of Mr. Hustace’s camera throughout the year is not uncommon because of the overwhelming demand for his expertise.  He photographs each model personally. You can read what our clients say about Mr. Hustace at the very bottom of this web site.  We our extremely proud of our 99.9% client satisfaction rate for over 25 years!

Read what one mom had to say about how she was ripped off by someone...

“Our daughter begged and begged us to take her to the traveling modeling agency that came through town recently.  We were pleasantly surprised that she was picked, but so were a lot of girls.  Then they dropped a bomb on us, to continue on we had to go to Chicago for round 2 and pay a significant amount of $$’s!!!  What a scam!!  I wish I had known about Trend - Models before, it would have saved us a lot of grief and headaches!!! “


                                                                                                           Amanda T.

Due to overwhelming demand for our services,

please submit your request before the deadline clock below hits zero.

If the clock is at zero, act now and get on our waiting list!

For consideration to be photographed by Mr. Hustace,  you can fill out our

modeling form by clicking on the link above so you can get on his tight schedule in advance. 

Please be patient as Mr. Hustace does his best to accommodate all our models.

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